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  • A team of committed Jewish educators with years of experience teaching and guiding in a variety of youth, family and academic programs in Israel. A pioneer in the field of Jewish family education through Israel programs.

  • The premier provider of quality educational tour programs in Israel for adults and families as well as for high school and college students.

Keshet Educational Journeys is an Israel based travel organization which creates, organizes, and implements exciting and impactful travel programs in Israel and around the world for individuals, families, organizations, schools, synagogues, churches, ministries, youth movements, summer camps and universities.


Keshet is led by experienced educators who are also licensed guides and integrate their extensive knowledge and love of history, Bible and tradition into their teaching and guiding.


Keshet’s educational journeys in Israel are designed to help you experience and connect to Israel as the historical and modern homeland of the Jewish People, and as the cradle of the Bible, Judaism and Christianity. The ideas and civilizations which developed here continue to impact and shape the world. Israel is the perfect place in which to explore and experience your identity and heritage.


Exploring Israel with Keshet means getting to know and better understand its historical, religious, political and social complexities and its diverse populations and traditions. Meeting the people of Israel – Jews and Arabs – and hearing their stories and perspectives is a central component of the Keshet Israel experience.


Exploring the Jewish experience around the world also has a profound impact on understanding our contemporary identities and we bring the same level of excellence, professionalism and state of the art itineraries to our educational journeys to Austria, Czechia, Ethiopia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Russia and Spain as we do for our Israel journeys.


We’ll work with you to develop just the right program for you.  Our experienced, sensitive and professional staff will be by your side at every stage of planning and execution.



Kayla Ship

Vice President & Program Director

Danny Ehrlich

Vice President &

Educational Director

What Keshet is...

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