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The Cohen Women’s Trip to Israel:

Celebrating empowerment and Jewish

community through women's-only travel

Women’s groups organically create a unique and supportive dynamic that allows participants to
focus on sites, speakers, and experiences that are about women, by women, or presented from
a women’s perspective. By traveling in an all-female cohort, the social pressure to be “in a
couple” is deemphasized which makes the environment welcoming to women of all ages and
relationship status. Plus, they are simply a lot of fun.

This Cohen Women’s experience in Israel is open to women who are Cohen Camps Alumni,
mothers of Cohen Campers and their female friends and relatives. The program will be staffed
by Susan Altman, the Director of the Dor L’ Dor summer Israel program. Kayla Ship, Vice
President of Keshet Educational Journeys and the Israeli director of the Dor L’ Dor program for
many years will be the Tour Educator and Guide.

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