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  • This itinerary is a basic outline and will surely be amended as the situation in Israel changes

  • Listed activities and speakers are subject to confirmation

  • Program will be staffed by a Keshet Israel Tour Educator

  • All breakfasts plus underlined meals are included in the package price

  • This itinerary is proprietary to Keshet and is intended for the promotion of and to inform those considering joining this Keshet trip. It is not to be transmitted to any other party without prior authorization from Keshet


Israel Solidarity Mission

Led by Keshet Educational Journeys and

accompanied by Rabbi Andrea Merow

March 9-15

Organized by the Israel and Us Committee, 

Riva Levy and Moshe Margolin,  Co-Chairs. 

Saturday, March 9:

  • Bus from TJC to Newark Liberty Airport

  • Group flight to Israel

Sunday, March 10:

  • Arrival in Israel

  • You will be met in the airport by a Keshet representative who will take you through baggage claim and over to your awaiting guide

  • Dinner, orientation and professional update on what is happening in Israel today

Overnight: Tel Aviv


Monday, March 11: 

  • Volunteer work with Achim L’Neshek (Brothers in Arms) in the Tel Aviv Expo

  • Encounter with the leaders of Achim L’Neshek, the organization

        largely responsible for mobilizing 15,000 volunteers within hours of

        the October 7th attack to help Israelis

        in need

  • Lunch on your own in Sarona Market

  • Visit “Captives Square” to meet some of the family members and

        friends of the hostages held in Gaza (we hope we will not need

        to do so by then)

  • Encounter with members of a community of evacuees from the Gaza

        border to hear their first-hand stories of October 7th

  • Processing session

  • Dinner on your own

Overnight: Tel Aviv


Tuesday, March 12: 

  • Early morning departure to the south

  • Agricultural work in Kibbutz Holit in the Gaza perimeter; then meet with residents to hear their story

  • Lunch and discussion with farmers on the current situation and what needs to happen to save the Israeli agricultural industry

  • Overlook the Gaza border to better understand the history of the area

  • Visit to Segev Shalom to meet with Amal, an inspirational Bedouin woman who

        has taken it upon herself to help with much of the 200,000 strong Bedouin

        community of the Negev during this difficult time

  • Meet with the community of Magen Avraham of Omer – celebrating it’s 50th


  • Return to Tel Aviv

  • Processing session

  • Dinner on your own

Overnight: Tel Aviv


Wednesday, March 13: 

  • Enter one of the Gaza border kibbutzim to see and hear first-hand

        about the tragedies they experienced on October 7th and to get a

        sense of their resilience

  • Pay your respects at the site of the Re’m Supernova

  • Packed lunch

  • More agricultural work

  • Encounter with soldiers located in the area and treat them to a

        special dinner

Overnight: Tel Aviv


Thursday, March 14: 

  • Bikur Cholim – visit to injured soldiers in rehab from their injuries sustained in battle

  • Travel to Jerusalem

  • Hear the incredible story of Palestinian Issam Saad, a former Gazan

        who has been on the Hamas’s Most Wanted list after starting an

        Israeli-Palestinian dialogue camp for Israeli and Palestinian youth

  • Pay your respects to the soldiers who lost their lives over the last

       few months at the Mt. Herzl National Military Cemetery

  • Packed lunch

  • Meet with former US ambassador and deputy-minister Michael

       Oren for a first-person update on the current situation and a glance

       at what the future has in store for the Gaza area

  • Visit to the Shalom Hartman Institute to explore the social ramifications of October 7th with a Hartman Fellow

  • Summary discussion

  • Farewell dinner

  • Travel to the airport for your flight home

  • Start planning your next trip to Israel!

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Israel is currently facing a challenging time. However, we want to assure you that Keshet, as the organizer of this trip, is committed to prioritizing your safety and well-being above all else.


Before joining us on this journey, we kindly request that you sign a waiver acknowledging the current war situation in Israel. This waiver will state that Keshet cannot be held responsible for any harm caused by the war. It is a standard precautionary measure that allows us to proceed with the trip while ensuring everyone's understanding of the risks involved. 


Rest assured, our team is closely monitoring the situation, working in collaboration with local authorities and experts to ensure the highest level of security and support for our participants. Your safety remains our utmost priority.

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