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Keshet - The Center for Educational Tourism in Israel
Keshet Clients

Keshet's clientele is made up of synagogue, community, school and camp-related groups, as well as family groups organized by private individuals. We cater to the identified Jew who, regardless of political affiliation, wants to support and connect with Israel.

We are pleased to now also offer programs to include Christian and interfaith missions.

Our programs aim to intellectually challenge, spark curiosity, and edify - always at the level of group interest. Our clients are full partners in the magic that envelops the Keshet tour experience in encountering the people, land and history of Israel.


Whether you're looking for synagogue or community Israel trips, youth programs, individual family israel tours in Israel, Israel Bat and Bar Mitzvah and adventures, Academic study of Israel, Interfaith missions or in-depth encounters with Israeli society - Keshet can make it happen!