"My name is Randi Lesnick. I'm from Nashville TN. I am an event planner.  I am a wife and a mother of two children 17 and 14. Linda Olmert planned the trip for us to Israel. I must say my older son and I always swore we would never come. We were always afraid to come because of what you hear on TV at home and we met Linda and Linda convinced us that it would be a trip of a life time. We started planning it 2 years ago and I ended up with breast cancer and unfortunately we had to cancel and I am now fine and we reschedule and Keshet was wonderful in re-booking everything for us. They even found us a Rabbi for the bar mitzvah of my son and he let us read the same portion as last year. So incredible accommodating and they found the spot and the spot to have the celebratory lunch I trust them with everything. They took the time to get to know me my husband and my children and everything that was important to us on our trip to Israel and of course the bar mitzvah being one of the most important.  I couldn't of done it better if I lived here and knew this country and handpicked everything   myself. I consider myself being one of the best even planners around. I could of never topped this it was spectacular and life altering and something I know my family will never forget.

I know my bar mitzvah son Jonathon will never forget. He never had a connection to Judaism and a lot of the reason why we wanted to come here is we wanted I could of done a really big party at home like for our other son We wanted him to have a connection to feel closer to g-d to have a better understanding of his religion. I got to tell you if he doesn't have it now forget it he never will but I know he did. I know this is something he will take for the rest of his life, rest of his life it was perfect.

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