My name is Rabbi Joshua Hammerman from Temple Beth El in Stamford, CT. This is the third trip that I have run with Keshet for my congregation, and each trip has been spectacular - this past trip no less than any of the others. This trip was great especially because of the partnership Keshet has established with rabbis in local communities, not just giving us a cookie cutter itinerary, but rather working closely with me as they have from the beginning in order to develop the best possible educational and fun experience for families, children and adults of all ages. We were able to bring a very mixed group of people, participants of different generations - a bunch of kids and adults, and the youth counselor Keshet supplies makes things work so beautifully.  Our tour guide was excellent as he always is. The partnership continues not just during the planning stage before the trip, but during the trip as every major decision was made in concert  with myself, the other leaders of the group, and with the families, to help them shape their own Israel experience. It was a great experience for everyone, and I am thrilled to come here again with Keshet.


Rabbi Joushua Hammerman

Temple Beth El in Stamford, CT