Of course the glow is fading , but I will never ever forget the meaningful, educational, spiritual, emotional, physical experience we all shared. I knew I could eat as much as I wanted of the amazing buffets because of all our walks, including in the cities, waterfall, and cave in Jerusalem! I learned more about Judaism than in my lifetime by being there and having the benefit of you, Yitzhak, and Rabbi Black teach us every day, everywhere we went. It was special that you have lived in the US so have an understanding of our culture, government and problems as well. I know we were not able to travel through the whole country of course with the time allotted, but I feel I was able to see and learn about some of the most important areas.

You need to know that this trip so far exceeded anything Brian and I had anticipated. I can't imagine a better planned trip or guide than you, Yitzhak . You are a walking encyclopedia and your passion for Israel made the learning process more meaningful. You selected such amazing sites to visit, showed your love for Israel and had very interesting speakers and guides along the way. I have always been Jewish, although I attended my last 6 years in a very small school at Monument, CO. We were the only Jewish family in the community so had very little religious training and socialization with other Jews. This trip totally confirmed my need to support Israel whenever I get a chance. We felt so connected to Israel and are in awe of how this tiny country continues to exist with all the bordering countries wanting to wipe her off the face of the map. The history there is just incredible, not just for our religion (which of course is the most important) but all the ancient peoples and well as modern times .I feel that we are all friends/ family and very spiritually bonded.


Shari Schroeder

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